Serbian Young Farmers Association (SUMP) is non-governmental and non-profit association, established to achieve the objectives in the field of agriculture, creation of better conditions for young people who wish to be engaged and who are already engaged in agriculture.

SUMP is associate member of CEJA - the European Council of Young Farmers

SUMP brings together and represents the interests of young people who are and wish to be engaged in agriculture.
SUMP is a story about the farmers whose lives’ scenarios would be enriched, as the association’s name states, and would also influence the rural development of Serbia.

SUMP is founded on the basis of the best practise of existing associations of young farmers in the European Union.
The objectives of SUMP are:

  • Development, innovations and promotion of agricultural sector among young people in the Republic of Serbia,
  • Creating better living and working conditions for young people who are engaged in agriculture,
  • Establishment of communication and dialogue between young farmers, scientists and institutions in the Republic of Serbia and the EU, and
  • Strengthening cooperation with similar organizations in Serbia and out of its borders.

Address: St. Gagarinova 16a, 21000 Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia
Telephone number: +381 (0)64 569 37 77
Tax number: 109070893
ID number: 28178425